Research Methodology

The Board conducts Research Methodology workshop twice per annum targeting the following;


  1. All candidates who have successfully completed PSPTB Professional Stage Five Examinations.
  2. All Professional Stage Five candidates for November, 2019 examinations session who awating for their results.
  3. College and University under/postgraduate students, Lecturers, Assistant Lecturers and Trainers.
  4. Researchers from NGO’s sector and training institutions.
  5. Practising Procurement and Supplies Professionals.

Any other interested person.


  1. Acquire skills for conducting business research.
  2. Formulate research problem, prepare research proposal and subsequently Research Report.
  3. Impart and share knowledge and skills for data collection, processing, analysis, discussion and results interpretation.
  4. Enhance research report writing and presentation skills.
  5. Award of Certificate of Attendance.

For the upcoming event scheduled to be held in February 2020; click the link below

Research Methodology Workshop for February 2020