Warsha/Semina/Kongamano La Wataalamu

CPD Workshops

One of the major functions of this PSPTB is to provide training as part of development programme. It runs a number of short courses tailored to upgrade professional knowledge and skills in various aspects and disciplines and it is recommended that each professional should attend at least two or more of such short courses a year in order to keep abreast with latest developments in the profession and needs at the market places.


CPD Training Schedule for January to December, 2024

Annual Conferences

During the first week of December every year, the professionals from different sectors in the economy do meet in annual conference so as to be able to interact and share experiences both national and internationally. Resolutions arising there from find their way to policy makers of the government and the Board. This also helps professionals to expand their scope and be able to chart out new strategies for the coming year’s activities.

Employment Bureau

The PSPTB has an Employment Bureau in order to seek employment for its members who are not employed or want to shift from one employer to another. Members who need new employment are supposed to submit the curriculum vitae to the Executive Director.

PSPTB offers Structured Procurement and Supplies Management Apprenticeship Programme (SPSMAP) which enables the graduates to acquire practical experiences, skills and competencies so as to be able to meet professional challenges