What we Do

The Board is charged with the responsibility of regulating professional standards and conduct of professionals in the fields of procurement and supplies. In order to carry-out and accomplish this responsibility, the enabling Act has mandated the PSPTB to perform the following specific functions:

  • To formulate and advise the government on overall policy relating to the profession of procurement and supplies;
  • To plan, direct, co-ordinate, monitor and control personnel requirements in procurement and supplies management profession;
  • To provide professional advice to and recognize all trainings institutions within the country offering courses in procurement and supplies, consultancy services in procurement and supplies management, materials handling, clearing and forwarding, packaging, professional warehousing management, contract management and auctioneering;
  • To formulate, establish and enforce the maintenance of standards of conduct and regulate the activities of procurement specialists, supplies professionals, procurement auditors, supplies and stock auditors, procurement technicians and supplies technicians and the practice of the profession of procurement and supplies management;
  • To train or provide opportunities for the training of persons in the principles; procedures and techniques of procurement and supplies management;
  • To conduct professional examinations leading to the grant of and to grant professional certificates and other awards of the board in procurement, supplies, procurement audit, supplies and stock auditing and other subjects relating to procurement and supplies management;
  • To effect registration of procurement and supplies professionals;
  • To keep and maintain a registers for the registration of procurement and supplies professionals in accordance with PSPTB act;
  • To evaluate academic and practical qualifications for the purpose of registration of persons under PSPTB act;
  • To sponsor, arrange and provide facilities for conferences, seminars, discussions and consultations on matters relating to procurement and supplies management.
  • To prescribe fees payable to the Board
  • To assist members of the public in matter touching upon, ancillary incidental or conducive to the practice of the profession of procurement and supplies management; and
  • To carry out such other functions as may be conferred upon the board by any written law or as are necessary or expedient for the proper carrying out of its functions under PSPTB act.
  • These functions are in fact core to PSPTB’s existence, mandating it the authority to ensure that standard of conduct and code of ethics are adhered to in the performance of the procurement and supplies duties.