Sisi ni Nani

Procurement and Supplies Professionals and Technicians Board (PSPTB) established in 2007 by Parliamentary Act No. 23 is the successor of both the National Board for Materials Management (NBMM) founded in 1981 by Parliamentary Act No.9, and Materials Management Caretaker Committee (MMCC). MMCC founded in 1978 laid down foundation for professionalism which later gave rise to the birth of NBMM.


Excellence in Procurement and Supply Chain Practices


Our Mission is ‘To oversee the development of Procurement and Supply Practices by Regulating the profession and conduct of professionals in order to achieve best value for money in Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

Core Values (IPIAI)

In executing our mandate, we uphold the following values:-

I. Integrity

We are honest, ethical and transparent in serving our customers

II. Professionalism

We competently provide quality and reliable services to develop greater efficiencies in our work to the public

III. Impartiality

We behave in the best interests of the public by making fair and objective decisions

IV. Accountability

We are answerable and liable for our conducts .

V. Innovation

We embrace ideas that drive learning and positive changes which add value and improve our service delivery